6 Simple Secrets To Create A Flavorful French Farm-Style Chicken Dinner


Robust flavors, fresh produce and savory seasonings are the hallmark of authentic, country-style French cooking. There's no need to be intimidated by the fancy sauces and hard-to-pronounce ingredients often associated with French cuisine. Instead, entertain your family and friends with a roast chicken dinner made with the flair and finesse that's found beyond fancy Parisian restaurants. SECRET 1:  Poulet Rouge – Specialty Free-Range Chicken Raised from breeds that originated in the French countryside, poulet rouge has more intense flavor than the commercially raised chicken you'll find in the grocery store.

8 July 2015

Six Sensational Gifts For Your Favorite Beef Jerky Enthusiast


Do you have a jerky lover in your life? You can find a number of perfect gifts that are sure to please anyone who loves those chewy sticks of dried meat. The next time you find yourself in need of a present for someone who loves jerky, consider these jerky-tastic ideas that are sure to thrill.  Jerky of the Month Sign someone up to receive the jerky of the month, and you will have made a friend for life.

21 May 2015