Three Ways To Keep Yogi And Boo Boo From Crashing Your Picnic


Even those who don't live in strictly rural areas have become aware in recent years that there's been significantly more black bear activity in many parts of the country. Black bear sightings have even been occurring in residential neighborhoods with some regularity. If you're planning a picnic, you may be wondering how you can minimize the chances of a picnic-prowling black bear making off with your basketful of goodies. Although nothing is completely foolproof when it comes to bears, strategies exist for preventing your picnic from attracting their attention.

2 August 2017

Olive Tree Growing 101


Last summer, a story broke with the American Olive Oil Producers Association claiming that as much as three-quarters of the extra-virgin olive oil imported from Italy to America was anything but pure. Coined the "agromafia" by the media, the American Olive Oil Producers Association explained that the Italian mob controlled much of the market, diluting quality olive oil with cheaper oil, thereby raking in a larger profit for themselves. The scandal has left American farmers wondering if they should find their own olive orchard for sale in the States.

2 April 2017

Six Summer Champagne Cocktails To Sip By The Pool


Champagne cocktails are light, refreshing, and usually just a little bit sweet. This makes them the perfect choice for sipping by the pool at your next elegant pool party. Here are six champagne cocktail recipes for you and your guests to enjoy. Raspberry Mint Spritzer Made with brut champagne, which is on the drier side, this cocktail is a good choice when you're craving something refreshing that won't overwhelm your palate.

16 July 2015

6 Simple Secrets To Create A Flavorful French Farm-Style Chicken Dinner


Robust flavors, fresh produce and savory seasonings are the hallmark of authentic, country-style French cooking. There's no need to be intimidated by the fancy sauces and hard-to-pronounce ingredients often associated with French cuisine. Instead, entertain your family and friends with a roast chicken dinner made with the flair and finesse that's found beyond fancy Parisian restaurants. SECRET 1:  Poulet Rouge – Specialty Free-Range Chicken Raised from breeds that originated in the French countryside, poulet rouge has more intense flavor than the commercially raised chicken you'll find in the grocery store.

8 July 2015

Six Sensational Gifts For Your Favorite Beef Jerky Enthusiast


Do you have a jerky lover in your life? You can find a number of perfect gifts that are sure to please anyone who loves those chewy sticks of dried meat. The next time you find yourself in need of a present for someone who loves jerky, consider these jerky-tastic ideas that are sure to thrill.  Jerky of the Month Sign someone up to receive the jerky of the month, and you will have made a friend for life.

21 May 2015