3 Reasons Ice Cream Cart Catering Is An Awesome Wedding Reception Idea


Planning a wedding is tough. You have so many things to do, so much to consider, and only so much money to work with. On top of everything, you also have to make sure the food that you serve everyone is going to please the guests you have on your list. Most couples to be will plan for traditional catering and probably a gorgeous wedding cake, but there is something else that works well for a wedding reception: ice cream cart catering. This catering service provides fresh scoops of ice cream to your guests, and they will surely enjoy this twist at the event. 

Ice cream catering is a crowd pleaser for just about everyone. 

You can pick and choose what ice cream flavors you want to be served at the reception, but no matter what you pick, you are probably going to see a lot of smiling faces at the event. Ice cream is a favorite food among most people, so you really can't go wrong as long as you have at least a few choices your guests can pick from. Make sure to include a type of frozen yogurt for health-conscious people, maybe something sugar-free for guests with sugar concerns, and possibly even a vegan version if necessary. 

Ice cream is a perfect complement to the cake. 

Cake and ice cream just marry like two people perfectly in love. These two dessert items complement each other well, so if you're serving cake at your wedding reception, why wouldn't you also have fresh ice cream available as well? You can have the ice cream car set up right close to the cake table so people can grab a slice of cake and then pick out their favorite scoop of the creamy dessert to go with it. 

Ice cream is considered a comfort food

Serving comfort foods at a wedding is a nice way to show love to your guests, and ice cream is definitely one of those foods that could be deemed as comfort food. People have fond childhood memories of ice cream, ice cream makes children smile, and there are few things quite as satisfying as enjoying the dessert with the people you love and appreciate. If you are having an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer, ice cream is also a refreshing dessert option to have, which makes it even more of a comfort food item. 


16 February 2019

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