5 Health Benefits of Sauerkraut


Fermented foods are known for their bold flavor and health benefits, and sauerkraut is no exception. This popular dish is made from fermented cabbage and has a long history dating back to ancient China. These days, sauerkraut is a traditional food in many cultures and is enjoyed by people all over the world. Keep reading to learn five reasons why you should add more sauerkraut to your diet. 1) Sauerkraut is a low-calorie food

18 August 2022

Grains To Purchase At An African Store


Different cultures eat different grains. Many Asian cultures, for example, eat a lot of rice. In the United States, lots of wheat is consumed. As the African content is vast and is home to a variety of cultures, there are actually quite a few unique grains consumed there. If you visit an African store, here are a few of the key grains to shop for while you're there. Maize The word "

8 March 2022