Gelato Flavors Ideal For The Holiday Season


When the holidays roll around, your restaurant has the chance to get creative with the way your serve foods and desserts. The addition of wholesale gelato not only gives you a healthier alternative to ice cream, but you can mix things up and offer specific flavors catered towards the holiday season.

Learn about the flavors and how the special promotions can help increase your holiday dessert sales, especially when customers request batch orders of the product for holiday gatherings and parties.

Apple Pie

A holiday classic served at both Thanksgiving and Christmas, apple pie is completely transformed when served in a gelato. A wholesale gelato distributor can deliver apple pie gelato with apple pie chunks, cinnamon, and crunchy pieces of pie crust all mixed up together in the cold treat.

You could serve the gelato over a piece of warm apple pie to create your own custom dessert option for the restaurant menu.

Caramel Apple

Another twist on the apple flavor of gelato is caramel apple. Caramel apple gelato includes apple pieces blended with caramel swirls to represent the fall treat of candy apples. Some varieties may include nuts in the mix along with a caramel drizzle directly over the top of the gelato.


Autumn and the holidays bring out a lot of pumpkin flavors, and it's no different with gelato. A basic pumpkin gelato includes a blend of mashed pumpkin mixed with flavors like cinnamon used to help enhance flavors. Pumpkin gelato is ideal with a whipped cream topping to serve a fun dessert treat.

Pumpkin Pie

An alternative to traditional pumpkin flavor is pumpkin pie. One of the biggest differences is the inclusion of pie crust. For many of the mixtures, a full pumpkin pie is made and then chopped up into smaller pieces to mix inside the gelato. The rich flavors of the gelato combine with the pumpkin pie to create a lot of textures and unique bites.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Offer a third way to enjoy pumpkin gelato in a flavor known as pumpkin cheesecake. The gelato includes a fully baked pumpkin cheesecake chopped down to pieces and mixed into the gelato. The crust often includes a graham cracker base, which adds a nice crunch to the dessert.

Egg Nog

The classic holiday drink is transformed into a gelato with rich flavors and a smooth texture. Some egg nog gelato may include a touch of cinnamon to add more flavor and spice.

Peppermint Candy

The classic candy cane is featured in a gelato with fresh mint flavors and crushed up candy pieces to deliver a sweet treat. Peppermint candy gelato is ideal when served in a cone or with added toppings like colorful sprinkles and cherries.

Boost your dessert sales when you order wholesale gelato flavors every holiday season. Contact a local supplier to learn more.


23 October 2020

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